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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Wishlists [entries|friends|calendar]
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Only Lovers Left Alive [10 Mar 2015|01:28am]

Looking for Eve - thanks! :).
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seeking datura - Devil's Trumpet SN [20 Sep 2013|03:51pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

a friend of mine mentioned that long ago a single-note scent 'datura' was offered.
[I now know that she meant the Devil's Trumpet SN]
for her birthday, i am seeking this. if it exists anywhere it may exist here.

thank you!

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Annurca Apple Blossom Single Note [23 Dec 2012|11:54am]

In search of.
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ISO many things, including Blood Champagne, Marshmellow Poof and the Changeling. [18 Dec 2011|12:34am]

Fine print:
* If you have something that I want, but don't see something on my swap page, poke me and I'll see what I can do.
* I gladly swap for decant circle spots.
* I LOVE partial bottles, even low ones!
* The more stars, the more I want it! 
* I am currently now able to buy BPAL anymore. I am sorry.

BPTP candles. Please with whipped cream and blueberry sprinkles on top? I missed them all, and although I already have a candle of Pumpkin Cookies coming my way, I am still looking for all of them exept for Samhain, I think. Try me! They may be used, but I like them better unused.

Highest priority right now
Bliss (bottle)
Blood Champagne (tester or decant)**
Cake Smash v6 (bottle)*** 
Conservatory Tableaux (any amount)
Herr Drosselmeyer (any year, any amount)
Marshmellow Poof (bottle)***
Quincey Morris (any amount)**
Sangria Champagne (tester or decant)
Senelion (tester)
The Changeling (bottle) 
The Lurid Library (tester)
Old Moon 2012 (any amount) 
Paduan Killer Swarm (bottle) 
Pinched with Four Aces (any amount)***
Ü (any amount)
Velvet Pink Kitty (bottle) 

I am looking for SN's. That's right, go laugh at me, but hey, asking doesn't hurt... right? I would love a tiny testable amount of anything, but, depending on what you have, maybe more (Vanilla Bean, for example).
I would love: Apricot, Black Cherry, Blood Orange, BPAL-Distilled Patchouli, Cherry, Cinnamon, Coconut, Coffee Bean, Dark Myrrh, East African Black Patchouli, Egyptian Amber, Georgia Peach, Hazelnut, Indonesian Red Patchouli, Licorice Bark, Light Myrrh, Mandarin Orange, Oakmoss, Orange, Pineapple, Plum, Pomegranate, Red Ginger, Red Mysore Sandalwood, Redwood, Rosewood, Saffron, Spanish Moss, Strawberry, Sweet Almond, Sweet Clove, Sweet Pea, Toasted Coconut, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bean, White Cedarwood, White Sandalwood.

From the current BPAL update
Mictecacihuatl 2011 (decant)
Pink Snowballs 2011 (bottle)
Snow White 2011 (bottle)
Thousands of Lights (decant)
Yellow Snowballs (tester)

Other LE's, exclusive's & such
Elegy X: The Autumnal (decant) 
Expressive Head (tester) 
Hygeia (decant) 
Nonae Caprotina (tester) 
The Golden Apple of the Sun (low partial bottle) 
The Green Apple of Venus (decant) 
The Seekim (bottle)
The Triumph of Death (decant) 
To Autumn (tester)
Tree of Life (decant)
Pumpkin Hard Candy (any amount)* 
Pumpkin Queen (tester)
Red Lantern (any year, decant)

General Catalogue
Al-Azif (bottle)
Bastet (imp)
Bengal (imp)
Brown Jenkin (imp)
Eat Me (imp)
Elegba (imp)
Love Me (tester)
Goblin (tester)
Shub-Niggurath (imp)
Snake Oil (back-up bottle)
The Knave of Hearts (imp)

Black Phoenix Trading Post
Candied Pumpkin perfume oil (bottle)
Dungeon atmo spray (any amount)
Egg Nog bath oil (any amount)
Exotic Bazaar atmo spray (goblin squirt)
Figgy Puddin (any amount)
Frankincense Clove hair gloss (decant)
Gingerbread Poppet bath oil (any amount)
Harvest Festival atmo spray (bottle)
Honey hair gloss (any amount)
Snake Oil hair gloss (any amount)

Stuff that I want more of
Autumn Moon of the Mirrorstand (decants) Cockaigne (bottle)
Drink Me (bottle)
Ghoulish (decants)
Golletes (decants)** Miskatonic University (bottle)
Monster Bait: Closet (all I can get)*
Womb Furie 2010 (decants)

Yeah... right...
Antique Lace (any amount)
Sugar Cookie 2004 (bottle) Storyville (tester)
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[12 Dec 2011|02:24pm]

I am desperate for scents that feature oak.

Will buy:

Oak Moon

Will consider:

all others.

I'm friendly, stateside, can pp on the spot, pm me!
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RPG's [11 Dec 2011|12:39pm]

I would like to try any/all of the RPG scents. Let me know what you have and what you'd like for them. Mostly interested in imps.
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ISO SN's, Rare's and GC's... [20 Nov 2011|03:50pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Just have a look over here: 
And comment when you can help me out! I prefer to swap, though.

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[17 Oct 2011|02:19pm]

Halloween in New Orleans: 2010

Either the Perfume or the Room Spray

PM me, thank you.
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Good Omens (Neil Gaiman) unimpable decants [07 Oct 2011|03:19am]


I'm a BPAL virgin and a big fan of the book Good Omens. I know that the Good Omens scents are unimpable, but I was wondering if anyone had some decants?

I'm especially interested in:
-The Buggre Alle This Bible
-Jasmine Cottage or Pepper
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just one. [04 Oct 2011|01:55pm]

Pumpkin Queen
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ISO Midnight Kiss and Bewitched [29 Sep 2011|07:23pm]

I am looking for Midnight Kiss (any size available, it's my fave so far) and Bewitched. I prefer paypal but might be able to swap. Thanks!!
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looking for Brom Bones [09 Sep 2011|05:52pm]
looking for Brom Bones. Can buy or swap.
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Wishlist Wishlist... [30 Aug 2011|05:44pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

LEs/Discontinued Bottles:

Rivet Goth(ha ha!)
The Traveller
Dead Man's Hand (and thus endeth the ridiculous leather requests LOL)
Red Tide
Day of the Skulls
Lawn Gnome
The Coil
Amaterasu v2
Inganok Jewelers
Clockwork Coture: Female
Harlequin & Columbine
Skytyping with Chemtrails
Aatos Polemoio
Gold Phoenix
Mechanical Phoenix
In Winter In My Room (even an empty- I've got a couple of decants)
Old Man Ackerman's Instructional Toys
Pirate Moon
Season of the Inundation
Stranger In Camp
Woods in Winter
Boo Bam
Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal
One to Tie, Two to Win
The Volstead Act
The Clock Strikes Midnight

Unsniffed LEs to Try (primarily I would like decants, but try me on bottles):
Beaver Moon 2007
Berry Moon 2011
Moon of Horses
Crow Moon
Hunger Moon
Sleepy Moon
Weeping Branches Moon
White Moon
Singing Moon
Bony Moon
Dia de los Muertos (any year)
A Blade of Grass
Flor de Muerto
The Witching Time of Night
The Churchyard
The Twisted Oak Tree
The School-House
To Autumn
Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand
Voyeurs Among the Cherry Blossoms
Her Voice
La Vita Nuova
Evening Cicadas and Red Peppers
All They Had Seen, All They Had Lost
The Adoration of the Mi-Go
The Piper At The Gates of Dawn
Sol Invictus
Nowhere in Particular
Noche Buena
The Little Bird
Paduan Killer Swarm
Goliath Birdwing
Enraged Bunny Musk
Illuminati Cotillion

GC/CD/Salon/Otherwise Currently Available:

Bottles (or More Imps) of:
Australian Copperhead
Black Cat
Squirting Cucumber

Imps to try:
All of Rappaccini’s Garden Honeys except Yellow Jessamine & Tobacco
Baobhan Sith
Bayou (I need an imp. I want to love this, but suspect I wont. But somehow, I am dying to try anyway!)
Black Phoenix
Black Rider
Bon Viviant
Bow of Crown & Conquest (I've heard such good things, I'm dying of curiosity!
Embalming Fluid (how have I never smelled this?)
Juke Joint
Les Fleurs du Mal
Santo Domingo
Temple of Dreams
The Rose
Two, Five and Seven (rose is growing on me is the strangest way lately!)
White Rider

Fairy Wine
Lady Una

The Salon:
The Lantern Ghost of Oiwa
Fox Fires on New Year's Eve at the Garment Nettle Tree at Oji
Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree
Itaso Kansei Nenkan Joro No Fuzoku

Carnival Diabolique:
Doc Constantine
Gennivre, L'Artiste du Diable

BPTP Items:
Any non-floral atmosphere spray protos
Pete's LaLa Cafe Atmos Spray
(I generally adore atmosphere sprays, especially non-florals, and I do not fear aquatics...)
Goldfish Pool Scent Locket

TAL Blends (either decants or bottles):
White Light
Brass Balls
Helping Hand

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My wishlist is simple........not [15 Aug 2011|01:54pm]

All I want is to try some Snake Oil Bath Oil. That is all.

Purchase or Swap.

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My wishlist is so very short.. [19 Jul 2011|06:54pm]

Hungry Ghost Moon '06. That's it. I have lots of GCs to swap and a whole untouched bottle of Hungry Ghost Moon '11. Will trade massively in your favor for this bottle, even for partials.
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Wishlist & Trades [14 Jun 2011|06:24pm]

I have a short wishlist:

*Zarita the Doll Girl
*any version of Snake Oil
*Cross of Roses

I have these to trade:

*Spicebush Swallowtail (Brown sugar, sassafras, clove, and wild plum.)
*Overprotective Possessed Talking Doll (A sweet and disquieting mix of mimosa and strawberry.)

Both are full to the shoulder. I'd be interested in trading for something that's not on my wishlist. Send me your offers (please include the descriptions!)

Thanks so much!
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My wishlist is so short.. [28 Apr 2011|11:07am]

It basically consists of Phantom Queen and more Phantom Queen.

I missed the GC discontinuation announcement somehow and so if anyone has bottles or imps they'd like to get rid of, consider sending them my way? I can swap you or paypal you or whatnot. And I will do a dance of happiness. :)
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ISO: The Candy Butcher [04 Feb 2011|09:56pm]

Hunting for a full (yeah... yeah.. I know...) or partial bottle (or Imp!)
of The Candy Butcher from BPAL.

I've got paypal, and even a few things I can swap. Lmk.
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Invasion of the flesh-eating reindeer from Uranus and The Last Unicorn [02 Feb 2011|08:43pm]

I am searching full size bottles of these but they can be used :)
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ISO: The Candy Butcher [01 Feb 2011|02:07am]

Hunting for a full or partial bottle of BPAL's The Candy Butcher.

I'll take Imps/decants if that's what's available.

Paypal is preferred, but if you're swap-only lmk and we might be able to
work something out.
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